Prof. Avelino Corma

Avelino Corma is the founder and director of the Instituto de Tecnologia Química (UPV-CSIC) at the Universidad Politécnica de Valencia since 1990. His current research field is structured nanomaterials and molecular sieves as catalysts, covering aspects of synthesis, characterization, and reactivity in acid-base and redox catalysis. He intends to carry out a rational design of catalysts with single and multi-sites for performing one step or multistep cascade reactions.

He has directed 30 PhDs and written about 700 articles on these subjects in international journals, three books, and a number of reviews and book chapters. He is co-author of more than 100 patents, ten of them have been commercialized.

He is actively collaborating in research projects with major oil refining, chemicals and fine chemicals companies.

He is a member of the Royal Academy of Engineering and of the Royal Academy of Science of Spain, The European Academia, Member of the National Academy of Engineering USA, Fellow of the Royal Society of Chemistry, Member of the Scientific Advisory Board of several Research Institutes and companies.

He is the recipient of various awards, including:


F. Gault European Award on Catalysis (2001)

Houdry Award of the North American Catalysis Society (2002)

Breck Award of the International Zeolite Association (2004)

Gold Medal of the Royal Society of Chemistry of Spain (2005)

Alwin Mittasch Prize of Dechema (2006)

Boudart Award in Advanced Catalysis (2009)

A.V. Humboldt Research Award (2009)

Eni Award 2010