Prof. John M. Prausnitz

John M. Prausnitz [BChE Cornell (1950), MS Rochester (1951), PhD Princeton (1955)], Professor of Chemical Engineering at the University of California, Berkeley is best known for his work on molecular thermodynamics for fluid-phase equilibria. Author or co-author of five books and over 500 research articles, the results of his research are used by chemical engineers throughout the world for chemical process design, especially for separation operations in the natural-gas, petroleum, petrochemical and polymer industries.

In recent years, he has also given attention to fundamental studies on gels, unusual polymers (dendrimers),electrolyte solutions and, in particular, to biothermodynamics for separation operations in biotechnology.

He has received numerous awards from professional societies and he is one of the few who have been elected to membership in the National Academy of Sciences, the National Academy of Engineering, and the American Academy of Arts and Sciences. His entire career has been at the University of California, Berkeley but he has spent sabbatical leaves in Germany, Switzerland, England, New Zealand and Australia.

He has served as consultant to several major chemical companies. Recipient of three honorary doctor's degrees (one from Italy, one from Germany and one from Princeton), Professor Prausnitz is a firm believer in the proposition that, for research and in industrial practice, chemistry and chemical engineering are never self-sufficient but must interact with all parts of the spectrum of knowledge.

Here are some awards that Prof. Prausnitz has received:

Guggenheim Fellow (1962 and 1973)

Alexander von Humboldt Senior Scientist Award (1976)
Colburn Award (1962) and Walker Award (1967), AIChE
Murphree Award (1979), American Chemical Society
Chemical Engineering Award, American Soc. for Eng. Educ. (1975)
Union Carbide Lecturer, State University of New York, Buffalo (1982)
Humboldt Professor, Tech. Univ. of Berlin, (1976 and 1981)
Elected AAAS Fellow (1982)
Elected to National Academy of Sciences (1973)
Elected to National Academy of Engineering (1979)
Elected AIChE Fellow (1985)
Fellow, Institute for Advanced Studies, Berlin (1985)
Elected Corresponding Member, Berlin Soc. for Arts & Sciences (1985)
Elected Corresponding Member, German Society of Engineers (1985)
Phillips Lecturer, Oklahoma State University (1986)
Carl-von-Linde Memorial Gold Medal (1987)
Elected to American Academy of Arts and Sciences (1988)
J.E. Warren Lecturer, Enhanced Oil Rec. Inst. U. of Wyoming (1989)
Solvay Prize (1990)
Corcoran Award, American Society for Engineering Education (1990)
Katz Award of the Gas Processors Association (1992)
Chevron Lecturer, Tulane University (1992)
Petroleum Research Award, American Chemical Society (1995)
Honorary Doctor of Science, Princeton University (1995)
Cecil Chilton Distinguished Lecturer, Auburn University (1996)
Charles Edison Lecturer in Science & Technology, University of Notre Dame (1996)
Monsanto Lecturer in Chemical Engineering, University of Missouri-Columbia (1996)
Katz Lecturer , University of Michigan (1997)
Keynote Lecturer, Dow Chemical Technical Excellence Day (1997)
Arthur K. Doolittle Award, American Chemical Society (1997)
Establishment of the triennial John M. Prausnitz Award for excellence in phase-equilibrium research, sponsored by the International 
Waterman Award, Technical University of Delft, The Netherlands (1998)
Danckwerts Lecturer, (British) Institution of Chemical Engineers (2000)