Year Base Point Highest Point

Ranking of the student

registered with the lowest point

Ranking of the student

registered with the highest point

2010 493.475 530.012 19525 5226
2011 485.942 510.883 21378 10710
2012 451.561 482.721 25118 11942 
2013 419.984 468.925 25986 8138
2014 427.597 466.913 25665 10653 
2015 412.112 460.263 25553 7792
2016 443.392 479.749 24844 10001
2017 433.341 463.749 25784 12267


Entrance Requirements for Freshman


Any student who was graduated from a lycée, high school or an equivalent institution may apply to the "Interuniversity Student Selection and Placement Center" (ÖSYM) in Ankara to take the entrance examination to enter the University. Following is the address where the applications may be mailed:


Öğrenci Seçme ve Yerleştirme Merkezi

ÖSYM 06533 Ankara/TURKEY

Entrance Requirements for Undergraduate Transfer Students


Students who have completed two semesters of the curriculum of a university or university-level institution may apply to be admitted to the University as transfer students with advanced standing at their second year of study or above. In order to qualify for admission, applicants must have a "B" average or its equivalent, and their previous studies must be related to the courses given at METU. Applicants having these qualifications must submit a certified transcript or equivalent documentary evidence of their academic report together with their application. If it is deemed necessary the University may give an oral and/or written examination required by the department to which the applicant wishes admittance. After having consulted with the faculty of the department concerned, the Registrar shall refer such applicants to the Administrative Board of the concerned Faculty for a final decision.


Academic Year**

Number of Graduates

(Undergraduate Program)

2015*** 89
2014 105
2013 99
2012 72
2011 112
2010 89
Semester Total Number of Students****
2015-2016 Fall 559
2014-2015 Fall 543
2013-2014 Fall 553
2012-2013 Fall 545
2011-2012 Fall 514
2010-2011 Fall 488

** The term 'Academic Year' corresponds to the spring semester, summer school and the fall semester of that year.

*** The number for 2015 is based on the number of graduates in spring semester and summer school.

**** Excluding the English Preparatory School students