Research Overview

Chemical Engineering has a rich past and a bright future. The new millenium are reshaping the structure of Chemical Engineering career and the department is augmenting its undergraduate program and graduate research activities in parallel in order to prepare its graduates to the market of the future. Chemical Engineering graduates at all levels will continue to find career opportunities at the established Turkish chemical industries like petrochemicals, drugs, sugar, cement, pulp and paper as well as in emerging new technologies such as biotechnology, material science and computer aided design and control of manufacturing processes.

There are several major research topics currently under study in the Chemical Engineering Department of METU. They may be broadly categorized as follows: studies related to heat, mass and momentum transfer, process design, modeling and control, radiative heat transfer, reaction kinetics and catalysis, material science including polymers, zeolites, nuclear materials, biological materials, and energy related subjects such as coal combustion, liquid fuels and energy economy in process industries.